Dragonmarks are special, they allow a character to perform rituals that modern ritual “science” has yet to understand. Dragonmark rituals are function differently than normal rituals. For that reason, here is how Dragonmarks work in ROTLW.

  1. If you can use a ritual because of a dragonmark, you do not need, nor can you use a ritual book for it. You perform the ritual through the power of your dragonmark.
  2. To learn a dragonmark ritual, you must be trained by someone with the same mark who is also familiar with the ritual. This costs the same amount as buying the ritual.
  3. To perform a dragonmarked ritual, you use either normal components or dragonshards.
  4. House facilities grant a 10% discount to dragonmarked ritual costs except for rituals that make permanent items with a monetary value.
  5. Some critical rituals are only available to dragonmarked. The dragonmarked houses should dominate in their field, so it doesn’t make sense if any adventurer can heal as well as someone with the Mark of Healing. This cements the power of the houses and this is what gives them control.
  6. Dragonmarked characters may start with one of their lowest level rituals for free.

The following rituals are exclusive to their respective marks (To be updated):

Mark of Detection: Eavesdropper’s Foil
Mark of Finding: Inquisitive’s Eyes
Mark of Handling: Animal Messenger
Mark of Healing Remove Affliction, Cure Disease
Mark of Hospitality: Secure Shelter, Travelers’ Feast
Mark of Making: Master Artisan, Temporary Fix
Mark of Passage: Teleport, Linked Portal
Mark of Scribing: Sending, Comprehend Languages
Mark of Sentinel: Magic Circle
Mark of Shadow: Masking Shroud
Mark of Storm: Control Weather, Enhance Vessel
Mark of Warding: Arcane Lock


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